This generative fractal that shows the birth of a Moonbird is a collaboration of the visual art of Trey Ratcliff (@TreyRatcliff) and Keith Schmidt (@OrnithologistMD) with music from Dioscurii Vocals Magdalena Schmidt (@DIOSCURIImusic). The music is used as one of the mathematical coefficients and the waveform changes the way the Moonbird is born, shape, and coloration. The video is just over 4 minutes long and in 4K. There is also one 360 VR version as well.

The rest of the team is listed at the bottom and includes our advisory board of Naval, Hans Zimmer, Matt Mullenweg, Jason Silva, Tim Chang, and Adam Gazzaley.

Note this is not an official project from PROOF or Moonbirds. It's an homage! 

And we expect you can use your "Birds Under the Full Moon" NFT video to project inside or outside of the home you build in Project Highrise. How cool will that be? Very cool.

Trey Ratcliff’s Machine Elf has a larger purpose of spreading love and consciousness through visual meditations. Each of these has unlockable content that allows you to download in 4K to act as an amazing meditation that soothes your monkey mind with beautiful visuals and calming music.

This is one of many Machine Elf collaborations and collectors of multiple artists will reap special benefits. See more about the project at or join our fun discord at 

Available on OpenSea soon.

Free Airdrops for previous collectors! 

Previous owners of Moonbirds from the Machine Elf Heart Chakra collaboration with Tina Guo will receive a free airdrop of this new Machine Elf creation! 

Free Airdrops for people that have had Moonbirds stolen + education!

We are also giving free NFTs to people that have had Moonbirds stolen. Just contact us in the Moonbirds discord. We're also using this as a way to teach people not to have Moonbirds stolen. The two creators of this have had several Moonbirds stolen. Trey's son had two Moonbirds stolen and Keith had a whopping 29 stolen! We made some mistakes, so learn from our mistakes! We recommend THIS ARTICLE from Serpin Taxt to help make sure you don't make the same mistakes we did.

Available on OpenSea soon.


I'm announcing a 30-city tour starting in 2023. In the afternoon, I'll have a free educational workshop about art for kids (well, kids of all ages)... then, in the evening, we'll shut the doors and anyone that has any of my NFTs (photos, AI, generative fractals) - any - they all count as a ticket to get into a VIP event with me at The Ritz-Carlton (my other partner). Like, maybe I'm in Tokyo and there are like 30 people around the city that have my NFTs... we all gather like a sweet sweet secret cabal! So we can drink champagne and hang out and make fun of Garyvee and I'll create a piece of art live... then I'll airdrop it (POAP) to everyone there for el freebo. Cool, right? And then maybe we can do drugs. Who knows? Only the shadow knows...

Trey Ratcliff Tour 2023

Join me in... Austin, LA, San Francisco, NY, Miami, London, Edinburgh, Tokyo, Bangkok, Sydney, Paris, Dubai, Barcelona, Chicago, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest and Osaka!

Oh, and add. "Yes yes, I know it says 30 cities but there are only 20 listed. The last 10 will be based on popular votes in the Discord. I'll pretty much go anywhere you all like... I'm a travelin' man...



"Thank you from the bottom of the anxious part of my heart. So soothing, calming, serene, whole, healing, breathing, beautiful. I wish I had more words to describe how much this affected my emotional state."
- Kay Perret
"Wow. Headset VR on. Wow"
- Ellie Sambrook
"This stuff is truly messing with my consciousness - is it a representation of some reality that I don’t perceive because of my limited human perception, or is it a portion of the actual cosmos? Could I perceive this in some state of consciousness, or is this only a reality subset visibly created in computer AI, which is actually a subset in my consciousness? I am part of a fractal? I am part of a simulation running in the universe? This is massive to ponder! Could send me into a reflexive infinite loop!"
- David Johnston
"An electrifying display of color and imagination. Well done."
- Betty A.
"This might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!"
- someone with 50% of the DNA of Patrick Rothfuss.



Trey Ratcliff is an artist on a somewhat quixotic mission to help spread consciousness and mindfulness to the world through photography and creativity. Running the #1 travel photography blog in the world,, has taken him to all seven continents over the past decade, and Google has tracked more than 140 billion views of his photos, all while building a social media presence with over 5 million followers.

Chris Anderson from TED called him a “pioneer” of the now ubiquitous genre of High Dynamic Range photography. Ratcliff had the first HDR photograph to hang in the Smithsonian Museum and, sales of his large-format limited edition prints to fine art collectors worldwide have grown into a multimillion-dollar business. In 2012, he moved to Queenstown, New Zealand, before it became a trendy doomsday contingency plan.

Trey has collectors of his fine art from all around the world. These include everyone from knights to professional football players to celebrities like Edward Norton and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Here is a link to Trey's Media Kit to find out more.


Keith Schmidt, M.D. is a triple board-certified Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Specialist who practices in Chicago, Illinois. As Chief Resident of Anesthesia at Cook County Hospital, he made appearances on National Geographic, CNN, and WGN. He is passionate about neuromodulation and is internationally known for teaching, consulting, and management of chronic pain patients with spinal cord stimulation. He currently is the Medical Director of the Neuroscience Institute at Ascension Hospital and can be found at

Outside of medicine, he places a strong emphasis on physical activity and is a triathlete that has completed multiple Ironman races. He enjoys listening and producing electronic music, and studying blockchain technology and the current/future applications of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). He is an active member in the Proof Collective which is dedicated to artists and NFT collectors, where he is focused on improving Web3 security.

Find him on Twitter.



Tech Guy

After university Stu joined the Royal Bank of Scotland/NatWest Group working on the development of their early internet banking/ecommerce platforms as well as the migration of NatWest systems to the RBS IT infrastructure; at the time one of the largest integreation projects ever undertaken worldwide. He then moved into technology journalism, taking from a hobby site to a leading publication with millions of monthly visitors and excellent working relationships with brands including Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.

Leaving his role as Editor in Chief in 2016 he began working full time in Trey's creative empire. In his current incarnation he can be found dealing with all things tech in the Machine Elf world... render farm management, music licensing, data wrangling, website design, social media admin and a sprinkle of After Effects/Premiere Pro work are all on his regular to-do list. When not staring at a screen you'll find him in the hills and glens of Scotland with his quadcopter or following Rangers F.C.

Stu Bio


Machine Elf Advisory Board

Hans Zimmer: Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe winning film score composer and record producer. (The Lion King, Gladiator, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk, Man of Steel, Planet Earth II and Blade Runner 2049 to name a few.)

Naval Ravikant: Entrepreneur, angel investor and podcast host. Co-founder, chairman and former CEO of AngelList. Invested early-stage in over 200 companies including Uber, Twitter, Clubhouse and FourSquare.

Tim Chang: Tim co-leads Mayfield’s Consumer investment practice and is an experienced investor and global executive. He has been twice named to the Forbes Midas list of Top Tech Investors.

Adam Gazzaley, M.D., PH.D. : Founder & Executive Director - Neuroscape. Professor - Neurology, Physiology and Psychiatry at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Matt Mullenweg: Founder of WordPress, CEO and Founder of Automattic.

Jason Silva: Television personality, filmmaker, futurist, philosopher, and public speaker. Known for hosting National Geographic documentaries: Brain Games and Origins. His goal is to use technology to excite people about philosophy and science.

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