Introducing Machine Elf, the revolutionary, awe-inspiring experience the world has been yearning for, yet never realized it needed. Born in the majestic mountains of Queenstown, New Zealand, Machine Elf expertly crafts unparalleled visual and auditory masterpieces designed to elevate and expand the horizons of human consciousness.

Each creation stands as an extraordinary work of art, showcasing a mesmerizing fusion of stunning visuals and immersive soundscapes. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with artistic prowess, these pieces can be rendered in resolutions from breathtaking 4K to jaw-dropping 16K and even Stereoscopic 360 VR, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Our installations encompass a diverse range of venues, from sophisticated fine art galleries to electrifying music festivals and mesmerizing 360-degree virtual reality realms. No matter the setting, Machine Elf consistently captivates and enchants audiences.

To truly immerse yourself in the magic of Machine Elf, we invite you to don a pair of VR goggles and explore the vast collection of experiences available through As you delve into these remarkable, transcendent journeys, you'll discover that they serve as invaluable daily tools for your mind. Each Machine Elf creation offers a sublime meditation experience, gently soothing your consciousness and leaving you refreshed, invigorated, and at peace.

Welcome to the future of mind-expanding art and entertainment – welcome to the world of Machine Elf.


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Machine Elf Events

Machine Elf creations are licensable around the world for (virtual and online) festivals and raves. They come in different BPM formats to match almost any music style.

Below are a few examples of some Machine Elf creations. Naturally, when visiting via a web browser, these will be 2D experiences, but they are still pretty awesome. Enjoy.

The MACHINE ELF Playlist


We Are Made From Stars

Welcome to a very different Machine Elf creation! All my latest ones seem to be my favorite, but this one definitely gives a new perspective on the cinematic quality and storytelling of fractals. This creation was incredibly complex and took about a month for the visuals and another month for the music from Joshua Ryan. We’ve been collaborating on this one forever and now it is finally ready for release!

This creation explores how incredible complexity and the fabric of the universe could possibly be boiled down to a few combined fractal equations. I’ve always been fascinated by the fabric of the reality around us. Maybe it’s just math, or a higher order of mathematical formulas that collide with different sorts of energies. It’s really hard to say, eh? All these Machine Elf creations explore different facets from the same jewel of the reality that is being built around us all the time.


Negative Entropy

I've always been captivated by the ceaseless struggle between chaos and harmony in systems, particularly in the biological realm where DNA orchestrates the battleground for these opposing forces. This intricate mathematical fractal delves into the emergence of life across different scales. Accompanying it is music by Tipper, an artist I discovered during my time at Burning Man. One morning, while navigating a disoriented walk to the portable restroom with lingering traces of LSD in my system, I stumbled upon a camp featuring a massive airplane structure with speakers as its jet engines. A solitary DJ atop the structure played this very song. With no one else on the makeshift dancefloor, I stood there in my underwear, absorbed in the music and visualizing an array of images reminiscent of this fractal.


Mindpetal Meltpuddles

Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment with my latest 3D visual fractal meditation, an entrancing odyssey that weaves together a tapestry of delicate, soothing hues to gently guide you into uncharted realms of serenity. As you venture into this kaleidoscopic dreamscape, you'll find your senses delightfully stirred and your soul stirred by the subtle complexities and harmonies of the colors before you.

To elevate the experience further, this mesmerizing meditation is masterfully synchronized with the captivating, ethereal sounds of Jon Hopkins' evocative track, "Singing Bowls." The resonant vibrations and celestial harmonics of this enchanting composition serve as the perfect accompaniment, drawing you deeper into the heart of this visually and aurally stunning journey.

Prepare to be spellbound as you embark on this unexpected odyssey, exploring the bewitching interplay of color and sound, while basking in the therapeutic embrace of this extraordinary 3D fractal meditation.


Clockwork Zimmer

In my journeys into the DMT spirit world of impossible unfolding geometries where I encounter everything from machine elf entities to understanding the slippery veil of life, I've seen and felt all sorts of things. This is one of my new favorite creations that will take you on your own journey. The music I selected for this one is definitely more intense than the others, which tend to be more meditative. You're about to go on a little tour of Hans Zimmer with Bladerunner 2049. It will start and end softly with a bit of intensity in the middle, like any good journey. Enjoy.

Machine Elf Long Mix #1

Introducing our captivating "Long Mixes" series, the ultimate sensory experience for every occasion! Whether you're enjoying a tranquil day at home, an intimate gathering for two, or a lively party with hundreds of guests, our long mixes will transport you to a world of mesmerizing visuals and enchanting tunes.

Our extensive collection offers a diverse array of music styles, from pulsating party anthems and funky grooves to serene downtempo, chill house beats, meditative soundscapes, and ambient melodies. We've meticulously crafted the perfect mix to complement any experience, including the most unforgettable psychedelic journeys.

Planning a cozy night in with your loved ones? We have the ideal mix to set the mood. Embarking on a magical mushroom adventure with close friends? We've got you covered. Seeking a mesmerizing backdrop as you wander through your home, effortlessly evading responsibilities? Look no further. Preparing for an exhilarating night of dancing and euphoria with friends on molly? Our mixes will take you from the exhilarating heights of ecstatic movement to the soothing embrace of the cuddle puddle finale.

Discover the unparalleled world of our Long Mixes, expertly designed to elevate every moment and create memories that last a lifetime.

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To see the Machine Elf creations in 360 check out the playlist below or click here to view it on YouTube. Available in resolutions up to 8K you can grab the screen with your mouse and spin the camera round to look wherever you wish. To experience these in an even more immersive form, check out the VR app, TRIPP.


"Thank you from the bottom of the anxious part of my heart. So soothing, calming, serene, whole, healing, breathing, beautiful. I wish I had more words to describe how much this affected my emotional state."
- Kay Perret
"Wow. Headset VR on. Wow"
- Ellie Sambrook
"This stuff is truly messing with my consciousness - is it a representation of some reality that I don’t perceive because of my limited human perception, or is it a portion of the actual cosmos? Could I perceive this in some state of consciousness, or is this only a reality subset visibly created in computer AI, which is actually a subset in my consciousness? I am part of a fractal? I am part of a simulation running in the universe? This is massive to ponder! Could send me into a reflexive infinite loop!"
- David Johnston
"An electrifying display of color and imagination. Well done."
- Betty A.
"This might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!"
- someone with 50% of the DNA of Patrick Rothfuss.


Machine Elf was started in mountains of New Zealand by two artists, Trey Ratcliff and Sam Wave. We believe in bringing consciousness and love to the world through art and creativity. Read more about the founders below.


Here's a photo of Sam & Trey at some music festival. We don't have any recollection of this photo being taken.



"Trey Ratcliff is a Smithsonian exhibited, Sotheby’s auctioned, National Geographic featured, photographer, artist, writer and adventurer."

Trey Ratcliff, a visionary artist and trailblazer, passionately endeavors to promote consciousness and mindfulness globally through the captivating power of photography and creativity. As the guy behind, the world’s premier travel photography blog, Ratcliff has traversed all seven continents, capturing awe-inspiring images that have garnered an astounding 140 billion views on Google and attracted a loyal following of over 5 million on social media.

TED’s Chris Anderson has hailed Ratcliff as a “pioneer” in High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, a testament to his groundbreaking work in the field. Ratcliff’s achievements include displaying the first-ever HDR photograph at the prestigious Smithsonian Museum and transforming his exquisite, large-format limited edition prints into a thriving, multimillion-dollar business catering to discerning fine art collectors worldwide. In 2012, Ratcliff made the prescient decision to relocate to Queenstown, New Zealand, before it emerged as a popular refuge for doomsday preppers.

With a diverse and illustrious clientele, Ratcliff’s fine art masterpieces have found their way into the collections of knights, professional athletes, and esteemed celebrities like Edward Norton and Leonardo DiCaprio. Never one to shy away from innovation, Ratcliff has recently ventured into the burgeoning crypto sphere, successfully launching multiple NFT drops that have accumulated an impressive 1,500 ETH in total volume.

Here is a link to Trey's Media Kit to find out more.



Sam Wave is the moniker of Sam Mehrtens, singer/song-writer/producer/multi-instrumentalist/mixer/filmmaker and performer. Based in the hills of Arrowtown New Zealand he has been writing and making music for years and recently released 'Rhetorical What', his debut album.

The album challenges the norms of the Pop genre and features multiple artists from across the globe (Canada and Europe) and closer to home such as Sam's younger brother and frontman of Mild Orange, Josh Mehrtens.

Sam Wave and his full band can be caught live in 2020, Coronavirus permitting and in the meantime you can listen to more of his work on Spotify.


Stu Davidson

Tech Guy

Stu Bio

After university Stu joined the Royal Bank of Scotland/NatWest Group working on the development of their early internet banking/ecommerce platforms as well as the migration of NatWest systems to the RBS IT infrastructure; at the time one of the largest integreation projects ever undertaken worldwide. He then moved into technology journalism, taking from a hobby site to a leading publication with millions of monthly visitors and excellent working relationships with brands including Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.

Leaving his role as Editor in Chief in 2016 he began working full time in Trey's creative empire. In his current incarnation he can be found dealing with all things tech in the Machine Elf world... render farm management, music licensing, data wrangling, website design, social media admin and a sprinkle of After Effects/Premiere Pro work are all on his regular to-do list. When not staring at a screen you'll find him in the hills and glens of Scotland with his quadcopter or following Rangers F.C.

Advisory Board

Machine Elf Advisory Board

Hans Zimmer: Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe winning film score composer and record producer. (The Lion King, Gladiator, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk, Man of Steel, Planet Earth II and Blade Runner 2049 to name a few.)

Naval Ravikant: Entrepreneur, angel investor and podcast host. Co-founder, chairman and former CEO of AngelList. Invested early-stage in over 200 companies including Uber, Twitter, Clubhouse and FourSquare.

Tim Chang: Tim co-leads Mayfield’s Consumer investment practice and is an experienced investor and global executive. He has been twice named to the Forbes Midas list of Top Tech Investors.

Adam Gazzaley, M.D., PH.D. : Founder & Executive Director - Neuroscape. Professor - Neurology, Physiology and Psychiatry at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Matt Mullenweg: Founder of WordPress, CEO and Founder of Automattic.

Jason Silva: Television personality, filmmaker, futurist, philosopher, and public speaker. Known for hosting National Geographic documentaries: Brain Games and Origins. His goal is to use technology to excite people about philosophy and science.

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